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Jul 16, 2019

Ben Rains takes a look at three sportswear stocks to consider buying as the second quarter 2019 earnings season kicks off.

(0:15) - S&P 500 Continues Strong Growth: Q2 Earnings Kick Off 
(2:55) - Skechers' Current Performance and Earnings Outlook
(9:40) - What To Expect From Under Armour's Earnings Report
(14:20) - Lululemon's Growth and Success: Will It Continue Into Q2?
(19:30) - Episode Roundup:

Jul 8, 2019

Ben Rains dives into the latest news from the world of legalized sports gambling and esports. The episode also breaks down the companies, industries, and stocks that stand to benefit from the expansion of these two growing markets.

(1:00) - New Jersey Becoming Bigger Than Vegas: Sports Betting Explosion 
(9:35) - Simon Property Group Invests Into Esports
(15:15) - Ways To Invest In The Gaming Industry

Jul 1, 2019

Ben Rains breakdown Nike’s fourth-quarter fiscal 2019 financial results and takes a look at what’s next for the sportswear powerhouse as it expands its digital business.

(0:30) - Nike Earnings Overview
(6:20) - Breaking Down Nike's Conference Call
(15:10) - Big Takeaways From Nike's Earnings Report

Jun 25, 2019

Welcome to the latest episode of the Full-Court Finance podcast from Zacks Investment Research where Associate Stock Strategist Ben Rains dives into what investors should expect from Nike’s (NKE) Q4 fiscal 2019 financial results that are due out Thursday, June 27. This includes a breakdown of Nike’s key North American and Greater China segments and much more.

(0:40) - Overview of Nike's Valuation 
(4:30) - Nike's Concerns With Currency Headwinds, Tariffs and Competition
(10:10) - What To Expect From Nike's Upcoming Earnings Report
(18:45) - Episode Roundup:

Jun 17, 2019

Ben Rains dives into what we know about Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) foray into cloud gaming with Stadia. Then we break downMicrosoft’s (MSFT) gaming future and discuss the massive video game industry as a whole to see which company might come out on top.

(0:30) - Microsoft and Google Make Moves Into Cloud Gaming
(2:15) - Google Stadia: What Should You Expect?
(9:30) - Microsoft's Project xCloud and Project Scarlett
(17:00) - Episode Roundup: 

Jun 10, 2019

Ben Rains dives into connected bike firm Peloton Interactive Inc. after it filed confidentially for an initial public offering. The announcement comes on the heels of Beyond Meat’s (BYND) early success and during a busy time for much-hyped giants like Uber (UBER).

(0:40) - Beyond Meat's Earnings Overview

(3:10) - Peloton Files For IPO: What You Need To Know

(11:50) - Product Expansion and Past Performance

(14:00) - Episode Roundup:
Jun 3, 2019

 Ben Rains dives into three sports-based retail stocks to buy right now

(0:30) - Is It Time to invest In Deckers Outdoor?

(8:25) - Columbia Sportswear: Why It's a Zacks Rank #2 Buy

(12:50) - Under Armour’s Restructuring: Is It Time To Buy?

(18:45) - Episode Roundup:
May 28, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Foot Locker’s (FL) first quarter fiscal 2019 financial results that caused a huge one-day selloff. The episode then dives into why Lululemon (LULU) stock looks like a buy heading into its anticipated Q1 earnings release later this week.

(1:00) - Tariff Impacts On Foot Locker and Others
(9:45) - Lululemon's Growth and Expanded Product Lineup
(16:00) - A Look Ahead at Lululemon’s Earnings Report
(19:40) - 5 Year Performance Breakdown
May 20, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) and its recent IPO that has seen it destroy Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT). The plant-based meat maker hopes its athlete brand ambassadors, which includes NBA and NFL stars, can help it market its offerings on a mass scale to grow before some giants enter the playing field.

(0:30) - Success and Hype of Beyond Meat IPO
(10:25) - Is It Growing Too Much Too Fast?
(13:40) - Alternate Food Market: Who Is The Target Audience?
May 14, 2019

Ben Rains dives into Disney’s (DIS) future as the company embarks on its streaming TV journey to challenge Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon Prime (AMZN). The episode details Disney’s latest quarterly financial results, earnings call, and investor day to find out what we need to know about ESPN+, Disney+, and more.

(0:30) - Breaking Down Disney’s Earnings Report
(5:20) - ESPN Success and ESPN+ Performance 
(17:00) - Disney’s 5 Year Performance: Direct To Consumer Push

May 6, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Under Armour’s (UAA) first quarter fiscal 2019 earnings results. The episode then dives into Adidas’ quarterly financials as the firm expands its e-commerce business to better compete against Nike (NKE). 

(1:20) - Breaking Down Under Armour’s Earnings Report

(8:00) - Positive Earnings From Adidas

(15:30) - 5 Year Performance for Athleisure Brands

(20:45) - Episode Roundup:
Apr 29, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Disney (DIS) and Amazon’s (AMZN) early lead in the streaming sports world. The episode then dives into other companies that are poised for success in the booming streaming industry.

(0:25) - Are Live Sports Holding TV Together?
(3:50) - Disney’s Future In Streaming Services
(8:30) - Amazon’s Effort In Live Sports Streaming
(11:50) - Turner’s Bleacher Report Expansion
(14:15) - Cord Cutting Options: Who Is Winning The Streaming War?
(20:25) - Episode Roundup:

Apr 8, 2019

Ben Rains discusses three sports retail stocks to buy right now as the market continues to hum along in 2019. 

(0:45) - Is It Time To Invest In Under Armour?

(6:10) - Lululemon Continues Its Rapid Growth and Expansion  

(11:20) - VF Corporation Performance Overview

(16:25) - Episode Roundup:
Apr 1, 2019

Ben Rains dives into three sports and outdoor-focused retail stocks that look like strong buys right now.

(0:50) - Yeti’s Blowout Success: Recent Earnings Overview

(6:30) - Deckers Outdoor Corporation’s Continued Growth

(9:20) - Columbia Sportswear’s 2019 Strong Performance
Mar 25, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Nike’s (NKE) Q3 fiscal 2019 financial results that led to a small selloff on the back of lower-than-expected sales in a key business. The episode then dives into what to expect from Lululemon’s (LULU) Q4 earnings.

(0:45) - Nike’s Earnings Results Overview
(12:45) - Expectations From Nike Going Forward
(15:30) - A Look Ahead At Lululemon’s Earnings
(22:00) - Episode Roundup:

Mar 18, 2019

Ben Rains details what to expect from Nike’s (NKE) third-quarter fiscal 2019 financial results that are due out after the closing bell on Thursday, March 21. The episode dives into estimates for North America, China, footwear, and much more, with Nike set to take center stage during NCAA March Madness.


Mar 11, 2019

Ben Rains discusses reports that Amazon (AMZN) is looking to buy the YES network from Disney (DIS) as it tries to expand its streaming sports business. The episode then dives into Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s (BABA) new NBA partnership, before checking out the latest sports betting news. 

(0:45) - Amazon Looks to Buy YES Network
(8:10) - Alibaba Partners With NBA
(11:00) - Turner Sports To Produce Gambling Content


Mar 4, 2019

Ben Rains dives into Puma's partnership with global soccer powerhouse Manchester City and then takes a look at ESPN’s (DIS) first big push into the sports betting scene. 

Feb 26, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down three of the best sportswear-focused stocks to consider buying right now. 

(0:30) - Footlocker’s Current Performance and Future Projections
(8:20) - Nike’s Strong Performance: Is It Time To Buy?
(15:15) - Zacks Rank #1 Canada Goose: Outlook For 2019
(19:50) - Episode Roundup:

Feb 19, 2019

Ben Rains breaks down Under Armour’s (UAA) Q4 and fiscal 2018 financial results and then dives into what’s next for the athletic apparel firm as its North American struggles continue? 

(1:00) - Breaking Down Under Armours Earnings Report
(7:45) - Long Term Outlook for Under Armour: Is It Time To Invest?
(15:30) - Big Takeaways On Under Armour's Current Standing In The Market

Feb 12, 2019

Ryan McQueeney is joined by Chad Parks, founder and CEO of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, to discuss the intersection of technology, retirement planning, and small business.

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Feb 11, 2019

Ben Rains discusses Disney’s (DIS) recent quarterly earnings results and dives into everything investors need to know about ESPN+ and the company’s streaming future.

(0:30) - Taking A Dive Into Disney’s Continued Streaming Expansion
(3:25) - Disney’s Earnings Report Overview
(8:40) - ESPN+ Offerings and What’s To Come
(14:15) - The Outlook and Performance For Disney
(19:55) - Episode Roundup:
Feb 8, 2019

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss this week’s blockbuster bank merger and recap earnings results from Alphabet, Disney, Twitter, and Chipotle.

(4:00) - BB&T and SunTrust Merger
(8:05) - Google’s Earnings Report: Rising Expenses
(11:50) - Disney’s Earnings Report:
(17:30) - Twitter Earnings Report: Stock Takes A Hit
(24:15) - Chipotle Earnings Report
(28:10) - Episode Roundup:

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Feb 5, 2019

Ryan McQueeney discusses Alphabet’s earnings report and explains why the company’s rampant spending in 2018 sets Google up for a life beyond its advertising business.

(0:30) - What Can We Learn From Alphabet’s Earnings Report
(3:05) - Positive Takeaways From The Report
(7:50) - Breaking Down The Rising Expenses From Alphabet: GOOGL
(13:00) - Episode Roundup:
Feb 4, 2019

Ben Rains dives into the big business behind the Super Bowl as the streaming TV market heats up. Plus, we look at Amazon’s huge television advertising push and see who are the biggest Super Bowl spenders.

(0:20) - Breaking Down Super Bowl LIII 
(3:45) - Super Bowl Ratings
(7:00) - Commercial Revenue: Who Are The Big Spenders?
(13:30) - Amazon’s Continued Growth In Super Bowl Advertising  
(17:45) - Betting On The Super Bowl: Sports Gambling

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