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Dec 29, 2017
Maddy Johnson and Ryan McQueeney are joined once again by Phil Bak, the CEO of ACSI Funds and Exponential ETFs.

(0:50) - What Are the Pro's and Con's of Inverse Weighting?

(5:00) - How Does RVRS Handle Underperforming Stocks?

(7:20) - RVRS Overview: Notable Trends

(9:45) - Episode Roundup:

Dec 26, 2017

Ben Rains is joined by Zacks’ resident retail expert Maddy Johnson to discuss the current state of sports retail. Topics range from Lululemon’s recent success to how sportswear powers Adidas and Nike can adapt to the changing retail landscape.

Dec 22, 2017

Maddy Johnson and Ryan McQueeney are joined by Ethan Powell, the founder and president of Impact Shares.

(0:50) - Impact Shares Launches Minority and Women Empowerment ETFs

(3:00) - Partnerships with NAACP and YWCA

(5:15) - How Will This Benefit The #MeToo Movement?

(7:50) - WOMN: What Makes this Fund Stand Out?

(10:10) - NACP: What Were The Guidelines For This Fund?

(12:30) - Will This Type Of Investing Grow In Popularity?


Dec 19, 2017

Ryan McQueeney discusses one of the trendiest bitcoin-related companies, Riot Blockchain (RIOT), and why short-selling firm Citron Research decided to short the stock.

(0:30) - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech: What Is It?

(4:15) - The Rapid Growth of Riot Blockchain

(9:00) - Riot Blockchain Warning Signs

(12:30) - Episode Roundup:

Dec 18, 2017

Ben Rains is joined by Michael Breit, the Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Sports and Entertainment Group. The conversation ranges from franchise valuations and sports of the future, to how retail investors can invest in sports.

Dec 15, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on Disney’s deal to purchase some of 21st Century Fox’s most valuable assets.

(0:30) - Disney To Buy 21st Century Fox

(3:00) - Disney's Movie Lineup: Marvel Comics Add To Their Collection

(11:30) - Video Streaming Expansion

(20:00) - ESPN Struggles and Sky Sports Addition

(26:30) - Takeaways From The Merger:


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Dec 14, 2017

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world and the race for blockchain ETFs is heating up.

Dec 12, 2017

Maddy Johnson dives into some predictions for (AMZN) in 2018.

(0:15) - Amazon Predictions For 2018

(1:15) - Improving Whole Food Experience

(3:20) - Amazon's 2nd Headquarters

(5:10) - Episode Roundup:

Dec 11, 2017

Ben Rains and special guest Ryan McQueeney dive into the current American sports betting scene and how the Supreme Court could be poised to shake the multibillion-dollar industry up.

(0:25) - The Illegal World of Sports Betting

(3:00) - Las Vegas Environment and NFL Stance

(10:00) - Supreme Court Christie v. NCAA

(13:15) - Who Benefits From Legalizing Sports Betting?

(17:50) - What Are The Downsides?

(23:35) - Companies In The Sports Betting Industry

(32:00) - Episode Roundup:

Dec 8, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the latest earnings results from Dollar General (DG) and Lululemon (LULU), as well as major healthcare M&A deals involving CVS (CVS), Aetna (AET), and UnitedHealth (UNH).

(0:45) - Bitcoin's Rally & Disney's Purchase of Marvel

(3:20) - Dollar General's Earnings Report

(6:45) - Lululemon's Earnings Report

(16:15) - CVS Buys Aetna for $69 Billion

(19:00) - UnitedHealth Buys DaVita Medical Group

(21:10) - Episode Roundup:

Dec 5, 2017

Ryan McQueeney looks ahead to 2018 and highlights three private tech companies that he would like to see go public in the upcoming year.

(0:20) - A Look Into 2018: Private Tech Companies

(1:00) - Lyft: Battle Against Uber

(4:30) - Palantir Technologies: Big Data Analysis

(7:45) - Airbnb: Legal Troubles Ahead?

(10:50) - Episode Roundup:

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Dec 4, 2017

Ben Rains tackles the business of Major League Soccer, from its rapid expansion to major TV deals, ahead of Saturday’s Audi MLS Cup.


(0:20) - The Expansive Growth of the MLS

(2:30) - Background of Major League Soccer

(7:20) - MLS Soccer Teams: Owners, Players Salaries and New Teams

(11:30) - Schedule and TV Contracts for MLS

(14:40) - Major League Soccer Ratings and Stadium Attendance

(23:30) - Sponsorships and MLS Jersey's

(26:15) - Takeaways From The Business of the MLS


Dec 1, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the progress made on the GOP tax bill, North Korea’s missile test, bitcoin’s historic week, and what it all means for the stock market in 2018.

(1:00) - Bitcoin Surges To $10,000

(5:00) - Trumps Tax Reform

(10:10) - Jerome Powell's Fed Chair Senate Testimony

(13:40) - Tech Sector Sell Off

(21:30) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 28, 2017

History was made during this year’s Cyber Monday, and on this week’s episode of Shopping for Stocks, host and Zacks Editor Maddy Johnson dives into America’s largest-ever online shopping day.

(0:15) - Cyber Monday History 

(3:45) - UPS and USPS: Deliveries Expected

(5:30) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 27, 2017

Ben Rains delves into the big business behind college basketball that helps fuel the sport, as the likes of Nike, CBS, ESPN, and others continue to pour millions of dollars into NCAA hoops.

(0:30) - College Basketball: How Much Are The Teams Worth?

(2:30) - NCAA's Role In The Money Madness: CBS and Turner Broadcast Deals

(6:15) - Regular Season Broadcasting

(8:45) - In-Season Tournaments

(12:00) - College Basketball Controversy

(15:00) - School Sponsorship Deals  

(18:45) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 22, 2017

Maddy Johnson and Ryan McQueeney are joined by Martin Kremenstein, a Senior Managing Director at Nuveen.

(1:00) - Inclusion Parameters For Nuveen ESG ETFs

(4:15) - What Created the Need for ESG ETFs?

(7:20) - What Was The Markets Response To Nuveen's ESG ETFs?

(9:40) - What Companies and Industries Are Included?

(12:05) - How Can Nuveen ESG ETFs Benefit Investors?

(13:30) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 21, 2017

Ryan McQueeney discusses the Tesla (TSLA) Semi reveal and explains why lofty claims of Elon Musk should—sometimes—be taken with a grain of salt.

(0:20) - Tesla Announcements: Semi Truck and Roadster

(4:00) - Elon Musk's Media Tactics

(6:50) - Takeaways From Elon Musk and Tesla


Nov 20, 2017

Ben Rains takes on all of the most recent happenings in the sports media world, as the landscape continues to shift, forcing giants like ESPN and Sports Illustrated to make big changes. 

(1:00) - Cord Cutting Stats

(3:40) - ESPN Prepares For More Layoffs

(6:50) - Sports Illustrated TV Launches: Content Overview

(12:00) - Print Issues Continue Decline: Koch Brothers Back Meredith Corp To Purchase Time Inc.

(15:15) - Barstool Sports: XM Radio, ESPN Controversy and Rapid Growth

(21:00) - Facebook To Stream College Basketball

(23:30) - Episode Roundup:


Nov 17, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on Square's new bitcoin test, the survival of Dick's Sporting Goods, and Walmart's latest earnings results.

(0:25) - Retail Earnings Overview

(1:50) - Square Integrates Bitcoin Into It's Cash App

(10:00) - DICKS Sporting Good Earnings Results

(21:00) - Walmart Earnings Report

(28:00) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 14, 2017

Maddy Johnson dives into an earnings preview of some big-name big box retailers.

(0:15) - Upcoming Retail Earnings

(0:50) - Target Q3 Earnings

(2:40) - Walmart Q3 Earnings

(4:05) - Best Buy Q3 Earnings

(6:00) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 13, 2017

Ben Rains dives into the rapid rise and recent decline of Under Armour, touching on a range of topics regarding the apparel giant’s 2017 fall from grace and what UA might do to turn things around.

(0:15) - The Rise and Fall of Under Armour

(2:00) - Under Armour Company Background

(7:00) - The Slow Decline: First Revenue Miss

(16:00) - Under Armour's Competition

(20:00) - Positive Takeaways:

Nov 10, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the latest news and earnings results from two of Wall Street’s most talked about companies: Disney (DIS) and Nvidia (NVDA). Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(1:40) - Disney Talks Merger With 20th Century Fox

(8:10) - Disney Q4 Earnings Report

(15:50) - Nvidia Q4 Earnings Report

(22:00) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 7, 2017

Ryan McQueeney discusses the failure of Sprint’s attempted merger with T-Mobile and what it might mean for the telecomm industry, as well as the broader tech sector. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:30) - Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Fails

(3:00) - Sprint Announces Partnership With Altice USA

(6:00) - SoftBank's $100 Billion Tech Fund: SoftBank Vision Fund

(9:20) - Episode Roundup:

Nov 6, 2017

Ben Rains discusses how the NFL’s television ratings, which have caused the league’s advertising and TV partners to grow increasingly concerned, might impact investors.

Nov 3, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the latest earnings announcements from Facebook, Tesla, Apple, and Starbucks. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:30) - Robert Mueller's Indictments and GOP Tax Plan

(2:00) - Facebook Earnings Report

(7:05) - Telsa Earnings Report

(10:40) - Apple Earnings Report

(15:00) - Starbucks Earnings Report

(20:30) - Episode Roundup:

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