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Each week Maddy and Ryan talk about the round up the week's top investing stories.
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May 26, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson are joined by Phil Bak, the CEO of ACSI Funds. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(1:10) - Does Customer Satisfaction Impact a Stock Price?

(3:55) - Who Are the Leaders in Satisfying Customers?

(6:55)  - Who Is Failing at Customer Satisfaction?

(12:10) - ACSI Funds Overview


May 23, 2017

Ryan McQueeney took on a new corner of the tech world: medical technology. Find out how healthcare pioneers and fresh startups alike are working to save lives and improve health outcomes right now!

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(0:50) - Dr. David Rhew: Samsung Chief Medical Officer

(3:50) - Unlocking Value in Digital Health

(7:25) - New Medical Technology Startups

(9:35) - Episode Roundup:

May 19, 2017

This week’s biggest stories, including the reaction to the massive WannaCry cyberattack, the mid-week Trump sell-off, and the latest retail earnings reports.

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(0:30) - MedCity Conference

(3:00) - International Cyber Security Attack

(7:15) - Trump Administration Affecting Markets Again!

(12:35) - Home Depot's Q1 Earnings Report

(15:40) - Target's Q1 Earnings Report

(20:35) - Walmart's Q1 Earnings Report

(27:20) - Episode Roundup:

May 16, 2017

Editor Maddy Johnson covers a busy past week or so in the retail industry, giving listeners a rundown of the biggest stories as Q1 earnings season winds down. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:20) - Coach Acquires Kate Spade

(2:20) - Abercrombie & Fitch Buyout Rumors

(4:40) - Macy's Earnings Report

(6:30) - Retail Store Openings and Closings

(8:30) - Episode Roundup:

May 12, 2017

Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson are joined by Jamie Anderson, the Managing Principal and co-founder of Tierra Funds LLC. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:50) - Tierra XP Latin America Real Estate ETF: LARE

(3:25) - 3 Key Differences Between the U.S. and Latin American Real Estate Markets

(6:15) - What Factors Will Effect Latin American Real Estate in 2017

(8:15) - Mexico's Real Estate: Trump's Effect

(13:00) - Where Are the Investment Opportunities?

May 9, 2017

Ryan McQueeney discusses the latest trend in the social media industry: original programming. Find out how the leaders in this space are working to create exclusive content for their own platforms right now! Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:25) - Exclusive Programming

(1:55) - Friday Finish Line: In Depth Look At Live Streaming

(2:15) - Facebook's Live Streaming Package

(6:20) - What Does This Mean For Investors?

(8:50) - Episode Roundup:

May 5, 2017

Ryan and Maddy look at the latest developments in live video streaming, financial results from some Silicon Valley tech giants, and, of course, the biggest story of the week: the House of Representatives managing to narrowly pass “part deux” of the American Healthcare Act on Thursday. 

Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:25) - House Passes Repeal and Replace Bill For Obamacare

(3:30) - Apple Earnings Report

(7:05) - Facebook Earnings Report

(8:40) - Tesla Earnings Report

(12:25) - Twitter and Bloomberg: 24 Hour Live Streaming Service

(14:15) - Snapchat Streaming

(18:35) - Hulu Launches Live Streaming Service in Beta

(21:40) - Episode Roundup:

May 2, 2017

Maddy Johnson takes a look at Amazon’s (AMZN) latest encroaching step in the retail industry: the Echo Look. Please pick a time stamped topic below:

(0:20) - Amazon Earnings Report

(1:25) - Amazon's New Echo Look

(3:50) - How Does Echo Look Benefit Amazon?

(5:20) - Episode Roundup: